Remember the famous Ciara and Justin Timberlake song called “Love, Sex, Magic”? It’s an incredibly sexy song for a reason and that’s the lyrics portraying a spicy yet healthy relationship between two people who are genuinely interested in what makes them go wild in bed and being willing to give it. It makes you think: “what makes me tick in bed?” There could be for a variety of reasons, one of which are wand vibrators. According to Women’s Health Interactive, these are a type of sex toy that has immensely gained popularity due to their powerful vibrations and versatility of functions. More than that, its wand-like design is very accommodating of all genders so it can be used by anyone, regardless if they’re single or in a relationship. As you traverse through this article, allow us to show you how the wand vibrator brings the magic to love and sex.

Features of Wand Vibrators

Diving deeper into the features of a wand vibrator, according to the same article from Women’s Health Interactive, they typically have a rounded head and a pointed tip to ensure broad stimulation and precise stimulation. The dual design accommodates a variety of speeds and patterns to give people the opportunity to create unique pleasure experiences. Wand vibrators also come in a variety of sizes which correlate to the intensity of the vibrations offered. For example, going for a larger wand vibrator will give you a broader area of stimulation while smaller wand vibrators will give you a precise area of stimulation. But despite the flexibility of its features, there’s one thing that's non-negotiable for wand vibrators and sex toys in general: the material. You should look for wand vibrators made with body-safe silicone, plastic and metal to ensure that bacteria doesn’t build up on the toy and infect your intimate parts! If you’re at a loss about which material is good for you, then silicone is the popular choice for being smooth, soft and hypoallergenic while plastic is lightweight and easy to clean. Then metal is durable and offers a unique sensation than the other two!

Types of Wand Vibrators

The first stop is discovering the types of wand vibrators! It comes in two types which are corded and cordless. The main difference of which is for corded wand vibrators, it uses an electrical cord to source power from a plug while cordless vibrators source power from rechargeable batteries. Due to this, they offer different functions and serve different people. For corded, it offers more powerful vibrations which are perfect for individuals and couples who are ready to take things to the next level while cordless wand vibrators are more convenient and portable which is ideal for the ones who are starting out or still in the discovery phase of their sexual preferences. If you’re looking for a particular one to start, then look no further than the small yet powerful Pomi Wand! Don’t let the size fool you because its powerful vibrations will take you to heaven straight away!

How to Use a Wand Vibrator

Now that you know more about wand vibrators, allow us and Refinery 29 to take you down a journey on how to use them. As always, it’s incredibly important to align yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. You have to give yourself permission to feel good so your body won’t be resistant to the insertion of the toy. Once you’ve taken the time to do so, it’s also important to do the next step of applying lube to the head of the wand vibrator to give it a smoother ride against your erogenous zones. Bear in mind that wand vibrators are designed for internal and external stimulation so it can be used on the clitoris, nipples, vagina or anus. So it’s incredibly important to get that all slicked up! The next step depends on what type of stimulation you would like. If you’re going for the external route, then place the head of the wand vibrator against your desired spot and allow the vibrations to stimulate that. On the other hand, if you’re to go down the internal route, then insert the head of the vibrator into the vagina or anus and try out different speeds and patterns.

Safety Considerations

While getting to know what a wand vibrator does, and how it can bring excitement into your sex life, it’s important to recap and take note of a few safety considerations for when you’re using them alone or with a partner. First and foremost, assess your mental and emotional willingness to use the wand vibrator, then use lube to not just slick up the toy but your preferred erogenous zone as well. Then, make sure to clean the wand vibrator with warm water and mild soap or a specifically formulated sex toy cleaner after use to ensure that bacteria won’t form in the sex toy and make it prone to damage faster. To maintain the quality of the wand vibrator, make sure to avoid it getting into contact with harsh chemicals and anything alcohol-based to avoid wearing down the material. Finally, ensure to store the wand vibrator in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to also avoid damage and deterioration to the toy.


Overall, wand vibrators are a great type of sex toy because of its versatility in features and power in function – making it a customizable toy that can adapt to a variety of sexy situations. That’s the reason why this has become a popular toy amongst a lot of people looking for a different way to experience intense stimulation. Some parting words for you: remember to choose a wand vibrator based on the size, type, features and price for you to get one that is perfect and unique to you. You should also keep in mind that safety and strict hygiene must always be a priority when handling wand vibrators and sex toys in general to avoid getting hurt or infected. Finally, allow yourself to have fun and experiment because magic can only happen when you forget what other people say and pleasure yourself according to what you think feels good! So go and wave that wand for the spiciest magic you’ve ever experienced!